Training Session “The importance of bio-economic modelling for building resilient agricultural systems” – Egypt SupMed project 15h and 16th of December, 2021 Luxor, Egypte

The SupMed project aims to improve farmer’s resilience in Luxor (Egypt) and the Baalbek-Hermel (Lebanon) regions to climate change and market uncertainty. For this, the project will, in close interaction with local stakeholders, propose implement and evaluate agro-ecological practices and their socio-economic impacts.

The objectives of this seminar/workshop will be threefold. Firstly, to introduce the bio-economic modeling methodology in a greater audience. Secondly, to inform about the use of bio-economic models as a powerful tool for stakeholders decision-making, by taking into account a big amount of technical, agronomic and economic data. And lastly, to train the participants in farm-level bio-economic models for decision-making in complex issues, such as tradeoffs between competing issues (economic, agronomic, and environmental) or deciding between different conservation policies.

This session is targeted to all agricultural experts, engineers, agricultural councils, extension services, and NGOs.

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