Thematic files

SupMed project mobilizes PhD and Master students on climate change adaptation strategies issue.
3 Master thesis were carried out during the first steps of the project and supported the collection of datas field,  the modelization and testing of the scripts necessary for the design process of bio-economic models in Egypt and Lebanon.

“Multi-criteria analysis of on-farm climate change
adaptation strategies in Egypt”

by KËRTOLLI Emirjona

supervised by H. Belhouchette

Analysing farming systems behaviour while facing water scarcity with the help of bio economic modelling. Case of Baalbek- Hermel, Lebanon

by DUKA Armela

supervised by H. Belhouchette

Evaluating the impact of climate change on agriculture and farmer’s decision-making using bioeconomic models in Luxor, Egypt

by MORINA Anxhela

Supervised by H. Belhouchette