Side event  (COP27) : When local stakeholders collectively commit to adopt agro-ecological practices aimed at improving the livelihoods of small family farms and preserving of natural resources under an uncertain climatic and socio-economic context: feedback from the SupMed initiative

The main objective of the side event is to share the experience of the SupMed project (Collective and contextualized strategies to promote resilient and sustainable agricultural production in rural Mediterranean area) in that regards. SupMed (2021-2025) aims at proposing and testing innovations based-agro-ecological practices to face the challenges of climate change and water scarcity, to improve the incomes and food consumption of farming households and to reduce the environmental impacts of agricultural activities in the regions of Luxor (Egypt) and Bekaa (Lebanon). SupMed is conjointly supported by the CIHEAM Montpellier and The FFEM (The French Facility for Global Environment) along with various public and private partners in Egypt and Lebanon. The ensuring of food security, creation of job opportunities for youth and women and preservation of natural resources under climate and market uncertainties were the main key questions that this project experience attempted to answer. The main output of this event will be a list of recommendations drawn collectively by the different Mediterranean local actors and stakeholders.