Cop 27: Towards more resilient, clean and inclusive agri-food systems in rural Mediterranean areas: a feedback from the regional initiatives of the SupMed project and the CIHEAM Montpellier’s Mediterranean Youth.

Objectives of the side even

The CIHEAM Montpellier hopes to share the experiences from its two regional innovative initiatives that are conjointly supported by the CIHEAM Montpellier with regional public and private Mediterranean partners. These initiatives focus on multiple levers such as: 1) the design of resilient family household farms by adopting agro-ecological practices, 2) contributing to the emergence of a knowledge network mainly between scientists and local stakeholders which focuses on the use of qualitative and quantitative methods (including models) to design and monitor sustainable agricultural systems in dryland areas, 3) assessing and encouraging the participation of youth and women to attain more inclusive and equitable access to job opportunities in Mediterranean rural areas, and 4) set up territorial farmer agreement to preserve water and natural resources when facing market, food and climate challenges.